Census Timeline

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The following information is the compilation of data ascertained by Census over the years.


The First Spirit War
1.5M BCE

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An uprising within The Spirit Realm, led by the Elder Lucifer. The conflict was repelled by The Elder Quorum and ended when Lucifer and his followers were cast into Tartarus. Also known as The Battle of The Line.[/expand]:line:

The First Relocation
19512 BCE

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The Elder Quorum decides to relocate all the Ancient Species that inhabit the Earth to prevent any interference with mankind’s development. This included mythical creatures such as: dragons, pookas, fairies, vampires, werewolves, among others. It is believed that some of these ancient creatures managed to evade capture and did indeed have some contact with mankind.[/expand]:line:

The First Harvest
19502 BCE

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The Elder Quorum decides to create modern man by incarnating spirits into the host bodies of Cro-Magnon and through DNA manipulation.[/expand]:line:

The Rapture
Feb 26, 1348 CE

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An event in which the Soul Sphere was sabotaged and sent crashing into the Earth. The Rapture killed over 75 million people– an event that the history books call the Black Death. In reality, the event poisoned their souls and the disease was just how it manifested physically in their bodies..[/expand]:line: