Census Lexicon

The CycleThe process of a soul’s death and rebirth into a new physical body (i.e. reincarnation). The Cycle is managed and controlled by the Soul Sphere, which was initially managed by the Elder Quorum and later by agents from Census. 
CycleConCycle Condition, CycleCon for short. A measurement of the current health condition of the Soul Sphere. It ranges from one to four, with four being the least healthy. A high CycleCon signifies an imminent transgression from a Demonic entity. 
The Fugue
The memory block (amnesia) instilled by the Soul Census onto reincarnated souls. Prevents humans from remembering their former past lives.
The PullA portal that is opened by the Soul Sphere to guide disincarnate spirits through it, and ultimately back to the Spirit Realm. It is often reported as a white light that occurs after physical death. Spirits sometimes resist the Pull and end up roaming the Earth. Helping these troubled souls return to the Spirit Realm is part of Census Agency’s doctrine.
A ReincarnateWhen a living creature is born into the physical world, a soul from The Spirit World will meld with the body. A Reincarnate is a newly reincarnated soul.  
A DisincarnateA disembodied soul (usually in The Spirit Realm). Sometimes roam the physical planes as “ghosts.”
Census TallyThe count on number of remaining troubled souls that roam the Earth as a result of The Rapture. The count is displayed in Roman numerals on the Soul Census, located in The Atrium.
CLOGCycle Locking Obstruction of Geotransmigration, CLOG for short. An event triggered by the transgression of a Demon entity. Occasionally, Demons from Tartarus will masquerade as a Reincarnate and take over the physical body of a new birth. 
Soul TwinningThe act of inhabiting more than one body at a time, thereby living multiple lives at once. Only advanced souls have the ability to do this. By twinning, a soul can more quickly advance their karmic progression.​
Soul SphereAn invisible moon created by the Elder Quorum that once orbited the Earth. It manages and controls the reincarnation process (aka The Cycle) of all spirits and beings on Earth. It crashed onto Earth during the event known as The Rapture.
The AtriumMain nerve center for the entire Soul Sphere complex. The Soul Census monolith is housed here.
The LineA border between Tartarus and Earth, It is visible from certain areas within the Soul Sphere.  
The Reflection RoomA room in the Soul Sphere where one can view a replay of their past lives. All potential recruits are brought here to review their life history and determine viability as a Census Agent.
Window RoomA room in the Soul Sphere that can view every physical being’s current life as it is happening. It was unfortunately destroyed during The Rapture.
Well of SoulsA chamber in the Soul Sphere that contains a pool of sap fed by The Sacred Tree. This pool is used to enchant weapons and baptize new Census Agents. It is said this pool flows into The River Styx of Tartarus itself.
The SourceThe womb of the Presence in which all new souls are born.
Soul CensusAn ancient monolith inside the Soul Sphere, which was created by the Elder Quorum of spirits on the instruction of the Presence. The Soul Census monitors and displays the progression of souls as they reincarnate on Earth.
CharmerThe name given to a device used by Census Agents to exorcise demons. Amplifies the Earth’s 7 Hz natural frequency, which “loosens” the grip between body and soul.
Ouija TransponderA device that creates a bridge into other planar realms. It has only been used on rare occasions where beings from The Exodus must be called into our Earthly plane for assistance in dealing with a difficult CLOG event, such as Rattler incursions.
Ouija BoarderA large Ouija Transponder than can open a bridge to multiple planar realms at once. They would only be used under extreme circumstances where a significant number of extra-planar reinforcements are needed. Only two Boarders exist, one at Census and another at a secret location.
Transference RingA Spirit Manifestation used by souls to travel in the Spirit Realm.
DisincarnutA soul stuck in between the ethereal and physical plane. They are often confused and can sometimes go insane, striking fear and injury to those around it. Census Agents are sent to communicate and “talk” these souls into surrendering to “The Pull.” Otherwise, they must use cruder methods such as exorcism.
Spirit GuidesHigh level souls in the Spirit Realm who teach and guide younger souls as they progress through their incarnations on Earth. Spirit Guides receive their instruction and guidance primarily from the Spirit Council. Some very high-level guides might also receive instruction from the Elder Quorum.
CircleA circle of spirits that typically are born at the same time; like siblings in a family. They reincarnate together through different lives within the same family or circle of friends on Earth.
The PresenceThe universal being that is felt by all spirits in The Spirit Realm.
HarvestA grouping of mid-level souls that are reincarnated together to advance themselves and humanity. They are given limited access to soul-memory in order to accomplish their individual missions. Typically, they have missions to perform on Earth that have significant impact on humanity.
The CaretakerThe lone soul that manages the Soul Sphere from the ethereal plane. The Elder Quorum periodically elects a new individual to take on this role. This being is frequently contacted by Census to exchange intelligence between Census and The Spirit World.


The Black SunThe Black Sun is a highly-secretive organization within the German Nazi party that is heavily involved in the occult. It is believed they are in possession of various ethereal technologies obtained through contact with dark forces from Tartarus. Their exact goals and strength are not yet known, but Census has been keen on obtaining further intelligence about this potential adversary.