The Spirit World

Designation(s)The Spirit World
ClassificationEthereal Plane

Knowledge from this place is limited to intelligence obtained through ethereal contacts. What follows is a partial compilation of information provided by numerous seances over the years with The Caretaker.

The Spirit World is the ethereal plane from which all sentient existence began. It is the main artery of The Source, the virgin soul energy from which all spirits are born.

Within this world, a spiritual hierarchy exists, with various soul groups that provide teachings and wisdom to all growing spirits.

The Spirit Council, comprised of various Spirit Guides and specialists, are the principal counselors to all spiritkind. Their role is to ensure the journey of all souls in both incarnate and disincarnate life is filled with opportunities to learn and grow.

The Elder Quorum is a group of twelve of the oldest and most advanced spirits in all of the Spirit World. They provide guidance to the Spirit Council. It is said that the Elder Quorum receives its divine knowledge directly from The Presence itself.

All spirits in The Spirit World advance by fulfilling karmic contracts through the repeated process of reincarnation on Earth and other worlds. This process is monitored and facilitated by the Soul Census.

Elder Quorum
CyraElder Quorum