Census Agency - Doctrine

#1 – WeaponsAll combat-certified Census Agents are required to have at least one enchanted melee and ranged weapons with them at all times. Your assigned weapons will serve you for life and will protect you. An agent without a weapon is easy prey to combative supernatural entities.
#2 SecrecyEverything you know and learn at Census is top secret. Even the most elementary supernatural knowledge is not known to the public and must remain that way. Leaks of any kind will not be tolerated and carry stiff penalties.
#3 Haunted TerritoriesDuring the course of your missions, you may be led by your investigations into probably haunted territory. These areas are beacons for supernatural threats and require extreme caution. Never go into these areas without backup.
#4 High Level ThreatsCertain threat level combative entities may require more than a single pairing of agents. Rattlers, for example, typically require a contingent of Census Enforcers. Never attempt to engage with a high-level threat without the full support of Census.
#12 – Non-Combative Entity CommunicationAll ethereal entities (even non-combative ones), unless specifically authorized as an official asset of Census, are not to be trusted. No official Census business should be communicated to, in or around and such entities. This includes, but is not limited to: ghosts, banshees, specters, orbs or ectoplasmic manifestations
#22 – Specialized CombatNot every combat situation can be handled with standard-issue enchanted munitions. Combative enemies with flying or levitation abilities (such as Imps) are best handled with enchanted bladed weapons, such as a sword or spear. When in doubt, consult the Census Agency Archives for intelligence prior to your mission.
#43 – Ouija BoardersOuija Boarders and Ouija Transponders must be handled with great care. Careful calibration is critical to properly summon the desired Census familiars. A mistake in calibration could result in the summoning of a demon or other combative supernatural entity. Many deadly and unfortunate encounters have taken place as a result of careless mistakes in Ouija operation. When in doubt, contact your superior. Issuance and activation of these devices must approved by the offices of Director Black.
#46 – Wild Supernatural BeastsDuring your tenure in Census, you may encounter supernatural creatures that may seem at first as friendly and even “cute.” Rest assured, not all of these beasts look at you in the same regard. Do not, unless explicitly instructed by your superiors, ever attempt to make physical contact with any such beasts. This includes, but is not limited to: unicorns, dragons, griffins, mermaids, centaurs or pixies.